SEDECO USA was founded in November, 2005
and is the North American subsidiary of Seidensha
Electronics Co., Ltd. Our purpose is to supply
Seidensha's clients' North American branches and
subsidiary companies with localized equipment,
support, maintenance, operator training, and all
after sales services. We also aim to introduce new
North American clients to the industrial standards,
machine quality, and technical know-how that
have made Seidensha a trusted name in the
plastics industry for over forty years
A Tradition of Excellence
Seidensha has been developing cutting
edge technology for the plastics
welding industry for over four decades
and has a staff with an array of
experience in technical application and
problem solving. By working with
SEDECO USA, Inc. our customers
can expect the same dedication and
commitment to providing real solutions
with the convenience of a localized staff
to provide day-to-day assistance.
Seidensha Electronics Co., LTD of Japan






first established as Seidensha Seisakujo in 1924,
producing and selling both cable and wireless
communication machines.

In response to the rapid development of the plastic
industry in early 1950s, Seidensha started
producing high frequency welders and high
frequency sewing machines and developing and
applying electromagnetic energy to plastic
processing. Due to their success in the plastics
market, Seidensha Electronic Co., LTD was
created in July 1956 and built a new factory in
preparation of production systems.

Seidensha publicized the world's first Ultrasonic
Plastic Welder and Ultrasonic Sewing Machine at
the Tokyo International Trade Fair in 1961. Based
on their patent No.250121, Ultrasonic Exothermic
Adhesion, they were widely used because they
could process all thermoplastic resins and were
highly productive. Seidensha followed with the
development of the Carbon Dioxide Laser as the
third energy in 1973, and developed the Electronic
Induction Welder as a new application of high
frequency energy in 1977.

In 1984, Seidensha publicized the first NC
Laser-processor, and finally established the
technology to use the three major waves,
Electromagnetic, Sound, and Optical, for plastic
processing. In 1985, they enlarged their factory
and built a new main office/factory building.
Meanwhile, they continued to exert themselves in
system and digital technology.

Along with the development of several kinds of
automatic systems and consolidated processing
systems, Seidensha developed the
Computer-Controlled Fully Automatic Metal
Chain Welding System and the
Computer-Controlled Waterproof Sheet Welder
in 1989.

In 1994, Seidensha expanded their business to
such fields as welding monitoring equipment and
image applied measuring equipment.

In 1996, Seidensha developed the
digital-ultrasonic welder, the SIGMA Series, a
machine representing the concept of the next
generation, which united their enormous
knowledge and know-how with modern sensor
and computer technology. Seidensha
accomplished innovative high quality and precise
welding machines, which had never been realized

Seidensha continued to break new ground by
developing the SONOPET 300S series of light
weight, high energy portable welders in 2003. The
300S series is a vast improvement on older,
portable welder designs and has continued to
evolve with the release of the 303S models in
2007. Seidensha has also begun mass production
of their new SIGMA 630 B units, which break
further boundaries beyond the 300S series.

We have been working as a reliable consultant and
unique manufacturer that can generally provide
welding and joining equipment and applied
processing technology for plastic materials. The
foundation of the company is based on their many
patents and accumulated know-how developed
from their research and development system and
collaborative development based on their close
relationships with public universities across Japan.

In Japan, Seidensha prides itself on the highest
productivity of plastic welding and fusing
equipment, the highest shipment of products and
the highest number of actual working machines.
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