SEDECO USA was founded in November, 2005 and is the North American subsidiary of Seidensha Electronics Co., Ltd. Our purpose is to supply Seidensha’s clients’ North American branches and subsidiary companies with localized equipment, support, maintenance, operator training, and all after sales services. We also aim to introduce new North American clients to the industrial standards, machine quality, and technical know-how that have made Seidensha a trusted name in the plastics industry for over

Our commitment to elevating both our and our customers’ business through providing excellent products and quality support can be summed up in SEDECO’s Quality Policy:

We are committed to increase customer benefits through supplying quality products backed up by fine work of each individual employee.

Consequently, we will be able to grow by practicing the above and aim at pursuing enrichment of employee’s living standard.

A Tradition of Excellence

Seidensha has been developing cutting edge technology for the plastics welding industry for over four decades and has a staff with an array of experience in technical application and problem solving. By working with SEDECO USA, Inc. our customers can expect the same dedication and commitment to providing real solutions with the convenience of a localized staff to provide day-to-day assistance.