Other Technology

Other Technology

Other Technology

SEDECO offers other plastic welding technologies aside from those previously listed, including but not limited to: Spin Welders, Impulse Welders, and Contact-less Hot Plate welders.

Spin Welder

The spin welder applies a load onto two workpieces to be welded together and rotates one of the workpieces in horizontal direction at high speed to weld them together by the frictional heat generated on the welded portion.

  • Circular workpieces can be welded with high strength and airtightness in a short time
  • Stable welding is achieved through tight control of the main axis spin stop time (stop time: 0.05 sec. or less)
  • High versatility for a large variety of workpieces is made possible by replacement of the spin head and clamping jig

Impulse Welder

Our impulse welders apply low voltage and high current energy to instantly heat the welding heat source wire. Our units are generally used to linearly seal films or thin sheets of plastic (up to about 0.2 mm). These welders are compatible with special shaped heater wire in order to achieve any sealing shape that meets customer requirements.

  • Superior heat efficiency is achieved through short weld times. The heater element is held directly to workpieces to ensure minimal energy loss
  • Since the heating elements are held directly to workpieces, the weld can be pressurized after heating to allow for retention cooling. The result is an extremely beautiful finished weld without stretched resin on the welded surface or deformation caused by heat
  • This welder is instantly ready as soon as the power is turned on due to the instant heating properties

Contact-less Hot Plate Welder

Hot plate welding is a conventional welding method that allows easy but strong welding with a simple device. Traditionally, the workpiece comes in contact with the hot plate; however, the key feature of our hot plate welding method is that the hot plate is heated to a higher temperature, allowing for welding without contact with the hot plate.

  • By utilizing high frequency induction heating, the heating efficiency of this product is remarkably better than a conventional product using a heater.
  • No stretched resin is generated since no contact occurs, eliminating the need for cleaning the hot plate or protective Teflon coatings. Users can reduce operating costs because they do not have to worry about the life of the heater or replacement
  • In a conventionally heated hot plate welder, the distance between the heat source and the surface of the hot plate causes variation in the operating temperature. In contrast, our electromagnetic induction heating method heats the surface of the hot plate directly allowing more accurate and higher temperature settings.

These specialized welding machines are typically custom manufactured to suit our customer