Radio-Frequency Welders

Radio-Frequency Welders

Radio-Frequency Welders

SEDECO offers a wide selection of radio-frequency welding systems ranging in power from 3 kW to greater than 10 kW. A variety of designs are available, including a special design to allow for welding of large sheets or a balanced feed design allowing for welding from above and below at the same time.

KV-4000TAZ 4 kW High Frequency Welder

– KV-4000TAZ 4 kW High Frequency Welder

Characteristics of Radio-Frequency Welding

  • Beautiful finish without stretched out or burned resin is achieved because the internal section is heated by induction.
  • Uniform welding is possible regardless of the dimension of the workpiece with less variance in the internal/external temperature
  • Cleanliness and safety of work environment is ensured because the product does not emit hazardous gas or noise in the welding process
  • Vinyl chloride and new materials containing olefin can be welded

KA-15000T 15 kW High Frequency Welder

– KA-15000T 15 kW High Frequency Welder

Please contact us directly for specifications and assistance in choosing a model tailored to your application’s needs.