J-series Press Mount Welder

J-series Press Mount Welder

Press-Type Ultrasonic Welders

SONOPET J-Series Press-type Welders

The next generation of fully digitally controlled welders is here. The SONOPET J-Series delivers a lightweight, compact lineup of equipment built to be compliant with Global Safety standards.

J-series welders in press configuration
  – J-series welders in press configuration
Generator FeaturesDigital PLL Frequency Tracking
The high-speed, high-performance DSP frequency tracking system delivers highly stable and reliable oscillation control.Digital Amplitude Control
The system stabilizes the tool horn amplitude to deliver stable joints. The amplitude settings can be adjusted digitally.

Frequency Auto-Search Function
Allows the machine to operate at the best-fit oscillation frequency. The search function can be performed on the face panel or via I/O. Customizable settings available.

VFD User Interface
The graphic VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) can be set to display in Japanese, English, or Chinese.

Various Protective Functions
The various failure detection functions, including detecting overcurrent of the generator output, monitoring the oscillation frequency and generator internal temperature, etc. protect the generator and transducer unit.

Maintenance Using Digital Parameter Settings

All controls are performed digitally and advanced setting and tuning can be made on a PC. By eliminating analog adjustment inside generator, maintenance can be performed more easily and quickly.

Transducer Module

Full Cover Metal Casing
The transducer is encased in an aircraft aluminum casing to protect it against impact, scratches, and dust.

Quick and Easy Connections
The high-voltage SHV connector allow for the transducer to be quickly installed or removed with minimal effort.

Stable Ultrasonic Oscillation Output
The system is standard-equipped with an air cooling coupler to ensure top performance during high-speed, high-stress application.

J-series Ultrasonic Transducers
  – J-series Ultrasonic Transducers

Press System

Integrated Load Cell
The load cell provides an accurate, reliable reading of the actual applied force onto the work piece, allowing for precise quality control parameters.Linear Encoder for Depth Control
The 1 µm resolution linear encoder delivers precise control over welding depth. The system also uses an origin-based scale for products requiring uniform, post-weld product heights.Rigid Square Column
Enhanced rigidity of the support column enables ultrasonic vibration to be transmitted to the workpiece more efficiently. A guide rail is used to minimize the position-shifting during press-height adjustment. Handle is operated easily through a counteract effect of the press head’s own weight.

J-Series Press System

  – J-Series Press System
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