SONOPET D-series Portable Welders

SONOPET D-series Portable Welders

Portable Ultrasonic Welders
SONOPET D-Series Portable Welders
The D-Series model is an extremely versatile and easy-to-use welder suitable for both hand welding and embedding into automated equipment. A lineup of dedicated press units is available.


– SONOPET 446D Generator



– SONOPET 846D Generator

This model is available with different transducers specially tailored to your individual needs.


– M-type Machine Mountable Transducer



– G-type Hand-held Transducer


[No Picture Available] – AT-type Push-start Transducer

Generation control modes selectable to suit your application.
In addition to the setting options in the X5 Series of time, energy, and continuous, the following options are available: peak power, which stops generation at the peak power during the welding process, and AND/OR logic control utilizing a combination of the other modes.


– Generation Control Mode Table


Ethernet function provided as standard
By using the dedicated J-Tool software, welding data can be collected and managed, and the equipment status and welding conditions can be set and monitored remotely.
External control input/output useful for embedding into automated equipment
An I/O port comes standard to connect to the controller of automated equipment for generation control and status monitoring.

Optional Features
Expanded connectivity using optional modules
By adding an analog I/O module, the amplitude can be set by external analog voltage, and the generation output can be monitored. Also, by adding a field network I/F module, CC-Link connection becomes also possible.
J-Tool Welding Control Software
Dedicated welding control software analyzes the welding results from every angle for high-quality welding. See our software section for more information.


– D series specification table




– 4X6 outline pictures




– 8X6 outline pictures