Induction Welder

Induction Welder

Induction Welders

Induction welding is achieved by applying a high power electromagnetic field to a ferromagnetic welding piece. By the principle of induction, the welding piece is heated and can then be applied to the weldable material. In addition to standard machine embedded electromagnetic induction welders, SEDECO also offers a smaller hand-held model.

UHT-1002F 1000W Induction Coil/Welder

– UHT-1002F 1000W Induction Coil/Welder

Characteristics of Induction Welding

  • Rapid Heating and high energy efficiency
  • Machine wear-and-tear reduced drastically due to no-contact heating
  • Able to weld large three-dimensional workpieces with high strength and airtightness
  • Versatile use for a wide variety of applications, including multi-point simultaneous welding and metal insertion
UHT-302A 300W Portable Induction Heater and    UHT-302A 300W Portable Induction Heater
– UHT-302A 300W Portable Induction Heater
SEDECO offers a new line of hand-held induction heaters, allowing for easy heating of metal workpieces in less than 10 seconds. Due to its portable nature, this machine can be used in a variety of situations.