Ultrasonic Welder


What is Ultrasonic Welding?

Ultrasonic welding is the process of using high frequency (15kHz to 60 kHz), low amplitude (10 to 250 m) acoustic vibrations to connect pieces of thermoplastic material by causing them to absorb the vibration energy. This process generally requires less than 10 seconds, and is quite inexpensive.

Ultrasonic welding is an ideal solution for connecting parts that are too small, delicate, or complex to be molded as a single piece. It is also extremely useful in bonding two different types of thermoplastics into a connected unit.

Seidensha’s line of versitile ultrasonic welders accomodates for most materials and part designs. SEDECO offers both ready made, standard units and fully automated, custom built machines to meet all our customer’s production needs.